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MBB Stars Is a Unique System In the Matrix World. You No Need To reffering Any Peoplee. You Will Receive Automatic Referrals . You Just need Click on register And Create your Account

How i Earn

MBB Stars

MBBStars has been desinged in a way that, you dont need to think much about its working strategy. But still we are writing here the whole working process in easy words. First take a look on its unique features which saperate this matrix from the other traditional matrices.

About Upgrading

1. MBBStars is a short matrix of only 3X2 levels, which gives user a confidence to complete the matrix very easily in less time.

2. Low entry of only 0.006 BTC which is affordable for everyone.

3. In case, a user do not have money to join us, still he can join us as a free member and can earn referral commission by referring other paid members with his/her unique referral link.

4. All donations are automatic, you only need to purchase your position only once in a life time.

5. All position will take place from "top to bottom" & "left to right", it assured that, no empty spot will be present in matrix and every one will have its downline, it does not matter if you refer or not refer, you will get downline with Company Forced system. However, Referring people will give you extra income.

6. After complition of matrix, system auto generates 9 more positions for your ID, which means you will earn 9 times more than the maximum matrix payout. And dont forget, this 9 position will create 81 new positions and so on.

About Plan Working

Now, let's see how compansation plan works :-

To start your journey with MBBStars, all you need is a dedicated mindset and only 0.006 BTC funded in your wallet. From which 0.0015 BTC will go to your sponsor e-wallet directly and you get a place in the paid matrix with 0.0045 donation.nation.

Level 1 - Pay 0.0045 BTC. Get 3 X 0.0045 = 0.0135 BTC. From which, you will be promoted to Level 2 with 0.012 BTC and rest 0.0015 will be available for withdraw.

Level 2 - Pay 0.012 BTC Get 9 X 0.012 = 0.108 BTC. From which, system will generate 9 new position for you with 0.054 BTC and rest 0.054 will be available for withdraw.

There are no more levels, so you may earn 0.054 with your new 9 position also and it will keep repeating.

There are no limit of your earnings, Highly recommendation of starting your journey with us by taking multiple position in the beginning. But make sure that opening more than 2 accounts every 2 hours can lead to suspend your account.

MBBStars team hope for a great future of its member like you.


Our Features

Join Without Money

Yes . We are going to provide referral links to every unpaid members too. So, the person who do not have money to join, can refer people and collect referral commission. He/She need to refer at least 4 people to enter into paid matrix.

Mini matrix

This matrix has only 2 level . 3x2 .Total 39 member needs to complete the whole matrix.


It does not matter who referred whom. Sponsor will get referral commission only but new joining will be placed under the matrix from "Top to Bottom" and "Left to Right".


No more HASH stealing. We have set up a unique platform to upgrade in the system. Every user will send 0.006 btc to unique wallet addresses.

Completing Matrix

If you complete the matrix and get 9 new positions, your main sponsor will receive another 0.0015 X 9 = 0.0135 as referral commission. The more people you refer, More your extra earning will be.

Our Packages

  • refer at least 4 people to enter into paid matrix
  • 30 days for Upgrading
  • Received Referral Commission
  • Not eligible To Receive Stage 1 or 2 Donations


Stage 1
  • Reffer Any people and get commission
  • Lifetime Account
  • Received Referral Commission
  • Wating For Referrals Donation
  • Not eligible To Receive Stage 2 Donations


Stage 2
  • Reffer Any people and get commission
  • Lifetime Account
  • Received Referral Commission
  • Wating For Referrals Donation
  • eligible To Receive All Stage Donations


Our History

The MBBStars is not a set up of an indivisual unknown person, There are a complete team dedicated to this program, where we tried our best to provide you an opportunity full of Money and hope for a secured future ahead. MBBStars is like a sister concern of MyBTCBuilder, which is already running successfully around the world, and we request you to join MyBTCBuilder to increase your earning, if you did not join yet.
After the successful set up of MyBTCBuilder, we realize that, people need something unique system. They need something out of the box, so we designed MBBStars and tried our best to include all the possible features into MBBStars. To know more about MBBStars, please visit "How It Works" section.

Happy Earning

Team MBBStars

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